Joshua Stade

Josh Stade
Josh Stade

After four years of racing mini trucks Josh was offered the opportunity to move up to the late model racing division. In doing this, Josh would go from being in the smallest racing division to the highest and very competitive late model division.

The first year was a learning experience at which he and his team had worked hard to gain the respect of the track fans and fellow late model drivers. Josh succeeded very well as he achieved Rookie of the year and Most Sportsman like Driver which was voted on by the public. Along with this he had finished tenth in points out of the 22 cars.

In the 2010 racing season Josh and his team kept the fellow respect of the drivers finishing tenth in points out of 27 cars and were voted Most Sportsman like Driver and Most Improved Driver.

In the new year of 2011 Stade Motorsports had purchased a brand new Howe Chassis out of Beaverton, Michigan. With many test sessions and seat time Josh had become very comfortable with his new car. With only three races in with the new car Josh had achieved a feature win with many heat victories to finish out his 2011 race season.

In the 2012 racing season Josh had picked right back up where he left off from 2011 going seven nights in a row with either a heat win or feature win. With hard work and determination Josh had raced hard all season finishing fifth or if not better in most of his races every weekend and he finished the year off sixth in points.

In the 2013 racing season Josh and the car have become more competitive and been travelling to other race tracks around Ontario as well as running the home series at Sauble Speedway. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the car this year and the team has had numerous heat wins throughout the summer. Josh has finished mostly top fifth or if not better all racing season with finishing fifth in points standings to close out another season at the beach.

The 2014 race season was a big one for the Stade Motorsports team competing at different tracks as well as competing our home series at Sauble Speedway. The car was faster and the team worked hard to put the car in victory lane this past summer. Josh finished fourth in points at Sauble, won a feature at Sauble, and won the Most improved driver award at the race car banquet. 

2015- This year has been off to a great start for Josh and the team with winning three features so far at Sauble and Sunset Speedway as well as having consistent finishes in the new APC series races. Josh has been crowned the 2015 late model champion at Sauble Speedway and has been the youngest driver in Sauble history to win the title for that division. The 17 race team also finished 6th in points for the new APC travelling Series of Ontario. This has been a great year for Josh and the whole team, we have now wound down and are focusing on getting ready for the 2016 race season.

2016- This season was a learning curve for Josh and the whole team as we had a brand new race car for the APC Series. A whole new chassis and set up from the previous car, engine problems all season long, and other car issues that we had to iron out. With the Limited Late model the whole Stade Motorsports team kept the title of Late Model Champion for Sauble Speedway for the 2nd year in a row. We can't wait to get started in the 2017 racing season!

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