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Racing Team

caption: Photo courtesy to Jerry Abramowicz Photography
Photo courtesy to Jerry Abramowicz Photography

Team Owner: Stade Motorsports

Team Location: Chesley, Ontario

Team Driver: Joshua Stade

Car: 2017 Toyota Camry's

Car Chief & Fabricator: Brian MacDonald

Team Spotter: Mike Walsh- Limited Late Donald Lunn- Pro Late

Crew Chief: Duane Stade & Jeff Yule

Tech Coordinator: Jason Jarvis

Car Technician: Andy Butchart

Tire Techs: Luke McGuire, Arnie Moore, Al Cowan

Prizes & Giveaways: Jodie Stade

Photography & Videography: Theressa Stade

Marketing & Promotions: Vanessa Stade & Bailey Lounsbury

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