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Trucking, Backhoe, Bulldozing

We at M.E.I pride ourselves on our large up to date fleet of trucks. Our large fleet can haul almost any payloads at our customer request. Our lists of services make us one of the largest trucking companies in the tri county area. We have in our inventory Tri-Axle dumps, dump trailers, live bottom trailers, and hopper trailers that can handle any type of custom hauling of sand, gravel, stone, hot mix, fill, topsoil, etc.
Our Company does custom floating able to carry many sizes of equipment with different weight and width classes all over Ontario, our floats range from a small 20 tonne to as large as a 60 tonne payload. Water no problem. our water tankers are equipped to haul up 3500 gallons of water for your home or construction project. Other forms of trucking services we can provide are, Distributor (tack) truck, and waste trucks.



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